JAG3D supports hybrid integrated adjustment model (Software)

Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Donnerstag, 01. März 2018, 11:20 (vor 24 Tagen) @ Pierrick A

Hello Pierrick,

It seems interesting to me.

Not only for you. This model, we called it hybrid integrated network adjustment, offers a wide range of applications.

However, imho it does not fully replace the old functionality because, depending on the redundancy and the geometrical configuration of the network it might not be able to calculate accurately the vertical deviation.

Yes, of course. If the number of observations is small (w.r.t. the number of unknowns) or the configuration is weakly, the additional rotation parameter are (somewhat) unreliable. But this is a problem of any adjustment and is not a problem of our model.

Our background is industrial metrology. We have object-based coordinate systems that are not linked to gravity field. We use instruments that are not related to the (local) plumb lines, e.g. Laser Tracker. The hybrid integrated network model enables a rigoros adjustment on the observation level. Another task comes from measurements in moving environments e.g. floating docks. Here, the compensator of the instrument is disabled and each station is tilted w.r.t. the global frame. A spherical model doesn't solve this problems...


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JAG3D, deflection of the vertical, spherical reduction, adjustment model

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