JAG3D Introduction (Software)

Milos @, Freitag, 24.11.2017, 18:03 (vor 149 Tagen) @ Micha

Dear Micha,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your response. I was very happy this morning when I saw you respond. :) Are you a creator of this software?

I did the first two steps you mention and also I imported approximated coordinates, but I don't understand what it means 'define point type' and how to do it.
Could you tell me what reference, stochastic and new points are referring to and how to set datum parameters - e. g. point No1 defines datum. Should I import that point only in the datum points or it goes in the reference points too?

P.S. I noticed this software works with gons. Is there any possibility to convert it to degrees?

Hope I'm not bothering you a lot,

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