Direction - what it is? (Software)

surveyor @, Sonntag, 08. Oktober 2017, 20:17 (vor 167 Tagen) @ Micha

Thank you Micha.

I zoomed in as you suggested and
discover couple more questions :) :

1) My zoomed in sketch for the 1D2D3D (mine) network is
looking a bit different from the tutorial:

For example error ellipses seems to be much bigger, point 788 is green (not changing)
but in my version it has an arrow and pink color (changing).

Figure 1: Network sketch of the underground system

This is my zoomed in.

Zoomed in part of the mine network

Is this a valid result?

2) What is the difference between datum point,reference point and stochastic point.


3) Is there an example of the network planing (pre-analysis).

4) In tutorial survey_plan point 4 seems to have invalid coordinate
file: points_new_2d.txt
4 1098 2043

it seems that better initial approximation will be

4 998 2043

Results with original coordinate

Results with "fixed" coordinate


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