Direction - what it is? (Software)

surveyor @, Samstag, 07. Oktober 2017, 21:25 (vor 168 Tagen)

Good Morning Gentlemen's.

What is direction?

My understanding that it is a non-oriented kind of azimuth.
However, when I am trying to apply this interpretation to the deformation example I am running into following problem:

Deformation example:

Deformation example files.

file: r1001_1.txt
1001 100 139.56086 Ok
1001 1003 293.76135 Ok
1001 1006 112.81042 ?
1001 1004 132.85213 ?
1001 1005 175.86115 ?

Please note that angles staring from point 1006 are "reset". According to my interpretation of the direction, I would expect to see angles for the points 1006,1004,1005 continue to increase (for example they would be bigger than angle to the point 1003). Why it is not the case ?

Second question:

How to represent an "real" azimuth using direction?

Kind regards.

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