How to make Jag3d work automatically (Software)

Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Mittwoch, 11.05.2016, 15:27 (vor 713 Tagen) @ PierrickA

Hi Pierrick,

Is it a long work to add the modifications?

It depends on your tasks. ;-)

What I would need would be :
- open Jag3D with a special project-HSQLDB
- perform a L1-adjustment to detect outliers (optional)
- perform a L2-adjustment without the formerly detected outliers
- close Jag3D

The type of network adjustment (L1 or L2 norm) is a global adjustment setting, that is given in the sql database. The graphic user interface (GUI) is more or less an simple sql-editor. The estimation process (adjustment core) selects all necessary informations from the sql-db. If you developed your own GUI, you only needs the adjustment core and not the UI of JAG3D?!

Maybe we could discuss about this per email,

You can contact me via mail.


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