How to make Jag3d work automatically (Software)

Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Mittwoch, 11.05.2016, 11:47 (vor 711 Tagen) @ PierrickA

Hi Pierrick,

So my questions are :
- what is the version of HSQLDB that you use for creating Jag3D projects? I plan to do a .NET application, and therefore I need the right JDK/JDBC API version

I use always the last stable version of hsqldb. Currently, version 2.3.3 is the last stable one but 2.3.4 is advertised, see hsqldb.org.

- how can you batch the operations on Jag3D? (Launching/loading a project/performing the adjustment)

There is no batch process up to now but I can add a further main-method that will preform an adjustment based on the sql data.


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