Coordinate transformation and conversion (Allgemeines)

Dzevad K, Sonntag, 25.10.2015, 07:23 (vor 909 Tagen)

Hello Micha

1. Does CoordTrans perform weighted coordinate transformation? We (in Bosnia) usually have information about source coordinate standard deviation (they are in ETRF00) but we unfortunately don't have information about target coordinate standard deviation (Hermanskogel datum).
2. As I see GeoTra perform only grid and Helmert 3D coordinate transformation. My suggestion is that it should be also possible perform 1D and 2D transformation with already calculated parameters.
3. Conversion between geodetic (B,L and h) and 3D Cartesian coordinates are not possible?
4. Conversion between geodetic (B,L) and coordinate in projection are not possible?

5. I would like to try translate JAG3D to Bosnian language. What should I have to do?


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