Deformation analysis (Software)

Pavlo, Freitag, 06.04.2018, 03:53 (vor 16 Tagen) @ Micha

Thank you Micha.

I updated my project as follow.

1) All individual epoch were recalculated and all failed observation removed from deformation data set.

Is it impossible to add more reference points to define the datum outside the wall?

Point 90P is outside a wall and located on nearby building. So I updated setup.
2) Point 90P is no longer a wall point but with point 101 a reference point. (datum group)

3) Stations are new points. (new group)
4) Wall points are datum points, together with point 101 and 90P.


1) During individual epoch run I had failed zenith angle for epoch02 zenith angle observation group. To fix this I increased centering error from 0.5 mm to 1 mm.

If this a reasonable thing to do ? Failing component is sigma_a but sigma_a is defined by the theodolite manufacturer, that why I increase sigma_c is this reasonable?

I included an updated project with screenshot of the network configuration.

Data set

2) Can this configuration be considered as "correct" configuration for deformation test ?


Normally, I would now exclude unstable points from the datum starting with point 90P.

With this new setup is this still true ? Should point 90P be excluded from datum ?

Kind regards.

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