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Hi Pavlo,

1) In my job setup I have only one point fixed.

In most cases, this is not a solid initial situation because your detected deformations dependents on the position (and stability) of the single point. What is happens, if this point is shifted?

2) I used this fixed point and station points which I calculated from individual epoch solutions as stochastic points.

In classical deformation analysis, the network is adjusted as free network adjustment.

a) First solve individual epoch and derive coordinates for stations (new points), use wall and one fixed points as datum points.

We adjust the single epochs as free network. Here, only datum- and new points are valid. The single epoch adjustment is used to check the stochastic model and detect outliers in observations. In general, we remove outliers from the data sets.

b) Use derived coordinates for station and one fixed point as stochastic in deformation analysis.

As noted, we use a free network adjustment (only datum- and new points).

In your case, it is hard to make a suggestion because you haven't a reference point field (expect point 101). Of course, you can define all wall points as datum. This will work until the complete wall is shifted. Is it impossible to add more reference points to define the datum outside the wall?

For your information: This is my pre-result. Normally, I would now exclude instabile points from the datum starting with point 90P.



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