Deformation analysis (Software)

Pavlo, Donnerstag, 05.04.2018, 03:29 (vor 17 Tagen) @ Micha

Thank you Micha.

I manage to resolve problem but
want to confirm with you if my thinking is correct:

1) In my job setup I have only one point fixed.
2) I used this fixed point and station points which I calculated from individual epoch solutions
as stochastic points.
3) As you suggested I set my (wall) points as new points.
4) Solution converges.


1) Is my assumption and work flow is correct:
a) First solve individual epoch and derive coordinates for stations (new points), use wall and one fixed points as datum points.

b) Use derived coordinates for station and one fixed point as stochastic in deformation analysis.

I attached a data set which I used in my adjustment.
Data set.

Kind regards.

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