Deformation analysis (Software)

Pavlo, Mittwoch, 04.04.2018, 04:17 (vor 18 Tagen)

Good Morning Gentlemen.
I want to perform deformation analysis.
Two set of observation of 20 common points.
Each set consist of slope distances, horizontal directions and zenith angles.
Each set of observation created from 3 stations.
Theses stations are different for each set.
This mean : these are no common stations in a sets only measured points are common
(the station from where measurements are taken are different between sets.)

How to describe this scenario for deformation analysis in JAG3D ?
(Tutorial show examples where measurements are taken from common datum points.
In my scenario all measurements are taken from unknown points.)

1) Can this scenario be analyzed by JAG3D ?
2) If can how to describe it. Which points are datum, which are new and which are reference ?

I calculated each individual epoch with JAD3D separately. Now I want to combine them together.
During individual epoch calculation I defined each station as new point (unknown), each measured point as datum point, there was no reference or stochastic points. When I tried similar approach for combined data sets JAG3D would not converge or it will calculate solution with huge errors.

Kind regards.

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