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Hi Milos,

I did the first two steps you mention and also I imported approximated coordinates, but I don't understand what it means 'define point type' and how to do it.

JAG3D supports four kind of point types, i.e. new points, datum points, stochastic points and reference points. New points are points that haven't final coordinates. Datum points are also new points but these kind of points define your reference frame (geodetic datum) and are used to introduce some kind of (datum) restrictions, i.e. no network rotation or no network translation etc. Datum points are only valid in case of a so-called free network adjustment.

In some cases, you know the coordinates of some (reference) points. Due to the known coordinates, you don't want to estimate the coordinates of the reference points. Thus, you can import these points as stochastic points or (as fixed) reference points. Whereas a reference point is error-free, a stochastic point has some kind of uncertainties (e.g. a stochastic point is taken from a prior adjustment process).

how to set datum parameters

The free-network case:

In a levelling network, you need at least one datum point; (at least) two datum points are needed in a horizontal network; and (in most cases) three datums points are needed in the spatial case. This is the minimum constrain but you can increase the number of datum points. Beside the datum points, you can have several new points.

You don't have to set the datum parameters. Based on your datum points, JAG3D derives the datum conditions.

I noticed this software works with gons. Is there any possibility to convert it to degrees?

I'm sorry, the software supports only Gradian 2π = 360° = 400 gon because this is the traditional angle unit in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for geodetic engineers. Maybe a task for the next major release. ;-)

kind regards

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