JAG3D Introduction (Software)

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Hi Milos,

I couldn't find any tutorial in English.

Yes, you are right. As far as I know, there are no specific tutorials in other languages than German.

I want to adjust one network which data are collected by measuring distances, directions and angles. Could you tell me what concretely I should do?

A short introduction:

1. You have to create a new project
2. Import your raw files (e.g. distances, directions, etc.)
3. Import you approximated coordinates (e.g. from total station) and define the point type, e.g. datum points, new points etc.
4. Adapt the stochastic model (right click to the tree menu entry and select properties)
5. Run network adjustment

There are some sample files on sf.net e.g. the simple horizontal network from Baumann.

kind regards

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JAG3D, Introduction

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