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For example error ellipses seems to be much bigger, point 788 is green (not changing)
but in my version it has an arrow and pink color (changing).

That's true, because in the current version, the 1D points (and its confidences) are plotted, too. JAG3D calculates the average values over all confidences to scale the ellipses.

The stochastic point 62010402 is unstable. Take a look to figure 7. In the sketch, JAG3D highlights outliers in magenta color. After changing the point type (move 62010402 to new point group), no more outlier is detected (no point is magenta). A current screen shot is


Is this a valid result?

Maybe, but it seems to differ from my one. Do you set up the right stochastic model? Do you remove outliers? Did you saw my project database?

2) What is the difference between datum point,reference point and stochastic point.

Datum points are new points but these points are used to define the geodetic datum. The singular normal equation is bordered by condition equations. The conditions are derived from the datum points. Reference points are error free (zero variances) coordinates and stochastic points have a variance greater than zero.

3) Is there an example of the network planing (pre-analysis).

I don't create an example but it is more or less the same like a normal adjustment. Just take for example the mine tutorial and switch to a pre-analysis. ;-)

4) In tutorial survey_plan point 4 seems to have invalid coordinate

Yes, you are right. I uploaded a fixed version.

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