Direction - what it is? (Software)

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When I am looking at network sketch I see that points 100 and 1004 are located in opposition to each other (across point 1001), however angles to them are almost identical. Why? (Same question is for points 1006,1005).

Again, it is just a synthetic simulated network. The directions are taken from a random generator without checking the so-called face of the direction.

Received following error when attempted to run adjustment:
"Error, selected projection and reduction cannot be applied".

I cannot agree, it works as expected. I upload the project for demonstration temp. here. Just validate your import and options.

Dialog which I have doesn't have 3D option, just "None" and "2D reduction of projection"
Program version: 3.6.200171001

With version 3.6, JAG3D supports a rigorous integration of deflection of the vertical. Thus, there is no need for 3D reductions anonyme. It was removed.


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