Direction - what it is? (Software)

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Thank you Again.

Clarification question.

Same data set as in deformation example.

file: r1001_1.txt
1001 100 139.56086
1001 1004 132.85213


When I am looking at network sketch I see that points 100 and 1004 are located in opposition to each other (across point 1001), however angles to them are almost identical. Why? (Same question is for points 1006,1005).


New Question:
Trying to run a example
Tutorial - Evaluation of a hybrid 1D, 2D and 3D network

Followed example instructions.(including importing data,
setting projection and instruments parameters)

Received following error when attempted to run adjustment:
"Error, selected projection and reduction cannot be applied".
I think may be I am missing something: For example my dialog window
for setting a projection looks different from
Figure 4: Projection settings
Dialog which I have doesn't have 3D option, just "None" and "2D reduction of projection"

Program version: 3.6.200171001

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