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1. The examples only indicate how to enter horizontal azimuths, but

No, the examples shows, how to use horizontal directions. There is a difference between an azimuth and (a non-orientated) direction.

How do I enter a group of angles?
Left direction - station point - right direction?

C2 C1 C4 17.73626543 0.00065
C3 C2 C1 170.6451636 0.00176
C4 C3 C2 170.9783951 0.00185
C1 C4 C3 39.64338889 0.00092

You have to divide the angle into two directions e.g.

C1  C2  0.00000000
C1  C3 17.73626543 

and to import both directions as a single direction-set.

2. The horizontal distances in meters the income of this form?

Yes, the structure is valid for all terrestrial observations.

3. To make a total free adjustment as income points?

The order should be East, North, i.e.

C1 466034.557 1089083.090

You have to import the datum points as a "2D datum point group".


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