How to make Jag3d work automatically (Software)

PierrickA @, Mittwoch, 11.05.2016, 14:33 (vor 711 Tagen) @ Micha

Thanks for the fast answer!

Actually I should have looked further, the version of hsql is given in the changelog.

So if I understand well there are no command-options that make it possible to launch Jag3D with a project, make the adjustment and close the software. It is necessary to modify the code to make it do this.

Is it a long work to add the modifications? What I would need would be :
- open Jag3D with a special project-HSQLDB
- perform a L1-adjustment to detect outliers (optional)
- perform a L2-adjustment without the formerly detected outliers
- close Jag3D

Maybe we could discuss about this per email,

Best Regards

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