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Hi Dzevad,

1. Does CoordTrans perform weighted coordinate transformation? We (in Bosnia) usually have information about source coordinate standard deviation (they are in ETRF00) but we unfortunately don't have information about target coordinate standard deviation (Hermanskogel datum).

Yes. CoordTrans supports a weighted general least squares (also known as Gauß-Helmert model). Thus, you can define a-priori uncertainties for both, the target- and the source-system. If you want to fix one of the systems, you should define some (very) small uncertainties, because a fixed or constant parameter is a parameter with infinite variance.

The following 2D-example is a modified version of an example that I took from Baumann (1993). The coordinates in the source system have an uncertainty of about 5 cm for the x- and y-component.

10  20.03  30.72 0.05 0.05
11  70.34 362.01 0.05 0.05
12 360.23 123.45 0.05 0.05
13 300.05 351.23 0.05 0.05
14 300.05 351.23 0.05 0.05
15 300.05 351.23 0.05 0.05
16 300.05 351.23 0.05 0.05
17 300.05 351.23 0.05 0.05

There are two more columns with the associated uncertainties of the coordinate components. Small uncertainties are introduced to the target system, i.e. 1 µm, to keep the coordinates fixed:

10 1013.60 1077.62 0.000001 0.000001
11 1077.60 1406.57 0.000001 0.000001
12 1357.38 1156.21 0.000001 0.000001
13 1306.66 1386.28 0.000001 0.000001

2. As I see GeoTra perform only grid and Helmert 3D coordinate transformation. My suggestion is that it should be also possible perform 1D and 2D transformation with already calculated parameters.

Hmm, sounds like a feature for CoordTrans... But up to now, you cannot preform transformations with a known set of parameters.

3. Conversion between geodetic (B,L and h) and 3D Cartesian coordinates are not possible?
4. Conversion between geodetic (B,L) and coordinate in projection are not possible?

It is possible, see:

Insert your coordinates e.g. the global-geocentric coordinates and click transform. You will get the geographic coordinates as well as the projection in your source system.

5. I would like to try translate JAG3D to Bosnian language. What should I have to do?

You have to create a JAG3D_sr_BA.properties file, which contains the translated content of the English file. Each application has its own properties-file. These files are located in the lang directory.

The files contains a key and a value, e.g.:

DataTreeMenu.pointType1 = Reference Point

In this example, the key is DataTreeMenu.pointType1 and the value is Reference Point. Please, don't change the key, just edit/translate the value part, e.g. (in German)

DataTreeMenu.pointType1 = Festpunkte

You can skip definitions e.g. ObservationTableModel.col3 = ih [m], if the translation is the same in your language.

Special character e.g. ä, å, á, ā or α etc. must be given as unicode representation. The character ä is \u00E4 in unicode.


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